The Michael Files

This is where we live. Isn’t she beautiful? Note the hurricanes
 They average 400 miles across, with the largest up to 1000 miles.

Hi there. Thank you for visiting. You can navigate through the site using the navigation bar at the top or the links beside the images. The site is in its early stages of development, so pop back from time to time to check on new posts.

At the moment there is an About page, Mike’s blog, a page devoted to the I Ching and a Contact page. Much more will be added with new Categories, so it would be great if you keep in touch.

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This page will tell you a bit about the site and a bit about me. Also, information about my interests and topics I will be blogging about.


This is one of two blogs that I’ll be posting on this site – Mike’s Blog, a general blog about a range of topics based on my interests (see About page) and a separate blog devoted to the I Ching.


This is the I Ching blog, a single topic blog devoted to what is probably the oldest book in the world. It started as an oracle about 5000 years ago and developed into its written form as a book of wisdom and guidance about 3000 years ago. Much more about it on the page soon.


This is my ‘Contact me’ page. It has my email and my Facebook and Twitter page, all as clickable links. There is also a Facebook page ‘The Michael Files’ which is a clickable link. The social media stuff needs updating, I know. I will get to this as soon as the website is finished.