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About Me

I’m Michael, a somewhat ancient fellow, who has dived into the deep end with setting up this WordPress site.

You may wonder why I am doing this. So do I, sometimes.

Anyway, I’m interested in a wide range of topics, and I thought I’d share my experience and viewpoint by blogging here.

So, a bit about me first (you can scroll down past this if you like. I don’t take offence, even if it’s intended). 

I’ve taken this bit from the ‘About the Author’ page in my book. More about the book later in ‘I Ching’ on the menu above.

Michael Doherty has led a very eventful life. A bizarre childhood set the scene for Michael to become a ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, an outsider, an observer.

 After completing his education at a tenth-rate, boys-only private school, straight out of a Dickens novel, where only the maths and sciences were taught, no art, no sport, no physical education, nothing practical, and with almost daily canings for many of the unfortunate pupils, including him, he began his life’s journey in this alien land.

 He has worked as a teacher, a soldier, a salesman, and has owned a small manufacturing business, to name just a few. He is now retired, and busier than ever.

 His interests include writing, blogging, reading, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, self-help, personal development, healing, eastern philosophies especially Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and anything to do with understanding what makes people behave the way they do.

He has written a Beginner’s Guide to the ‘I Ching’, available from Amazon in paperback and eBook, and from SmashWords as an eBook.

He is a lover of language, is occasionally accused of being pedantic, which he doesn’t deny, and does admit to being somewhat of a ‘Grammar Nazi’.

As the site develops, the blog will be about many topics, including current affairs, why we do what we do, satire, even sarcasm, and some humour. Be warned, my sense of humour can be a bit basic but you don’t have to read it.

So, join me on this somewhat strange journey. Comments are welcome, but no hate speech, you know the drill. It’s my site, so I reserve the right to edit or delete any dodgy stuff.

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