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How To BE Happy

Being, Doing, Having – Happiness Part 2

We tend to spend our lives doing work we dislike so that we can earn enough money to buy possessions, to pursue leisure activities, to take holidays, in the vain hope that these will make us happy.

Most of us live our lives based on having enough money and leisure, so that we can be involved in doing the things we think we want to do, buying more and more material possessions, all the while hoping and expecting that this will produce the state of being happy.

It doesn’t work.  It’s the wrong way around.

We must start by BEING happy.  This means discovering and being who we really are. This will build the foundation that will allow us to do what is really important to us, which will allow us to attract more of what we TRULY want in life. By ‘truly want’ I mean that which resonates with your higher self, not your ego’s desire to accumulate possessions, although accumulating possessions is not prohibited. It’s the motivation that is important.

This idea of BEING, DOING, HAVING, in that order, is one of the rules, or laws, by which the universe runs. We will be considering some of the other rules.

The universe runs on a series of rules or laws.

For example, if you step off the top of a high building,

you will be subject to the Law of Gravity, whether you believe in it or not.  You will accelerate towards the ground and suddenly stop.

If you poke your finger into a live electrical socket, you will be subject to the laws controlling the flow of electric current.

If you go out in the rain, you will get wet.

However, the universe is not out to get you. It doesn’t care whether you live or die. It runs by a set of rules, and if you break them, you must suffer the consequences.

But, equally, if you understand the laws, you can make the universe work for you.

Be Happy In The Present

This means that we must practice BEING.  We must experience the present moment.  We must live in the NOW.

How do we do this?


Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. You don’t need incense, candles, singing bowls, special clothing and you don’t need to sit in the lotus position. (If you haven’t been sitting like that all your life, you could do yourself some damage). You can do any or all of these if you want to, but they are not necessary.

Close your eyes.

Get in touch with your body.

What do you hear?

What are you feeling?

Feel the pressure of the chair on the various parts of your body.

Pay attention to your breathing.  Feel the breath entering and leaving your nostrils.

Feel any tensions in your body.

Feel where your hands are situated. After a while of keeping your hands still, you won’t know where they are.

Don’t think about these things, just feel them, just be aware of them. Experience them without judgement.

You can also do this exercise with your eyes open.  Just fix your gaze on a single point and experience what you are hearing and feeling.  When you fix your gaze on a single point for any length of time, you will see the area around that point go fuzzy and start to move. This is quite normal.

When you do these exercises, you will be experiencing NOW, the present moment. Most of us go through life without ever experiencing what is happening NOW.  We tend to live in those illusory places, the past, and the future.

This is a form of meditation you can do at almost any time; whilst waiting for the children to come out of school; whilst standing in a queue; on a train or plane journey; whenever you have time to fill.

Just a few moments spent experiencing NOW, whenever you can, is a very valuable way of contacting the real you, your higher self.  This higher self is always happy, joyful and fulfilled.  When you contact this higher self, even if only briefly, you will bring back some of that joy when you return to your normal life.

It helps greatly if you do this regularly.

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