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The I Ching – My Book

This is an excellent introductory interpretation of the classic text.

The I-CHING book Michael Doherty

The I Ching is based on three simple ideas: no situation stays the same for ever, change is driven by the ebb and flow between extremes all change goes through never ending cycles.

The I Ching is a tool to identify where we are in any particular cycle
This book will:

  • Help you discover where you are in any particular cycle in your life
  • Show you what to do and when to do it to give the most favourable outcome
  • Help you learn when not to act, because to act will cause misfortune
  • Show you what may happen if you follow the advice.
  • Show you what may happen if you don’t
  • Help you discover more about who you are and why you do things

The oldest book in the world, the I Ching has been used by ordinary people, military commanders, business leaders and governments for over three thousand years, and is still used widely today.

Where to buy the book


On Amazon, you can ‘Look Inside’ both the print version and the eBook.

The eBook sample is much bigger than the print sample.

On Smashwords, you can download a 30% sample of the book.

More of my books being authored now… watch this space!

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